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Mattress Xpress is the leading mattress in a box review site. I have personally tried and tested all of the mattress on this site and have written about which ones are worth the money, which ones stink and which ones will make you feel like your sleeping on a cloud.

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I have reviewed numerous mattress over the years from Koala, Ecosa, Eva, Sleeping Duck & more. I want to bring the most informative, unbiased reviews of the worlds best mattress in a box and help you on your journey to finding the perfect one for you home and lifestyle.

bed in a box reviews

Mattress Xpress brings you the most up to date, unbiased and most informative reviews and information on the leading bed in a box brands.

Australians love a good nights sleep, but standard mattress can be hard, lumpy and just downright suck. I only review the best of the best,

If you need a new mattress for your bedroom, you will be able to find the best reviews on here of the worlds leading brands and styles.

Our Reviews

Our reviews of the very best boxed mattress

koala vs acosa

Ecosa vs Koala, which one is the best out of the two? We break down each detail and feature of both and tell you which one we believe rules out of them both.

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Looking to buy an Eva mattress? then look no further. We have compiled a huge review on why there great, their features, price and more to help you make the final leap.

sleeping duck mattress closeup

The sleeping duck is one of the best built and longer lasting mattress on the market, with a 5 layer build, its one of the best choices.