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Have you ever laid down in a beanbag, or a chair that was so comfortable, so perfect, so much so that you didn’t move from it for hours? That’s what it’s like laying down on an Eva mattress. Today I’m going to give you the low down on the Eva mattress and explain why it’s one of the best things I ever slept on.

I first come across the Eva mattress while staying at a friends house. They had one in their spare room and I’d never even heard of the brand before, but wow, am I glad I slept on that thing, as I’ve now purchased one for my own home. Let’s get into the nitty and gritty of the Eva mattress and why you should get one for yourself, and why it’s beats it’s competitors like the Ecosa mattress on price and features.

Fantastic Features At A Low Price.

The Eva mattress is jam packed with incredible features at one of the lowest price points on the market

5 Layer Support
One of The Lowest Prices
120 Night Trial Period
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What Makes The Eva Mattress Better Than The Rest?

So many things, that’s the short answer but I will give you a longer one. The Eva comes jam packed with so many features that a lot of the rest just don’t, oh and it’s also one of the most affordable mattress’s in a box on the market today

This is one of the few mattress’s in a box that comes equipped with memory foam and springs, that’s right its a fold-able mattress with springs! I was just as shocked as you where when I found out. There are actually 5 layers to this design which serve individual purposes (I’ll get into that more later)

Other mattress may only usually have 1 or 2 layers of foam or latex which can make them a little bouncy at time, but the Eva’s 5 layer design and the introduction of springs make it near impossible to toss and turn and disrupting anyone else that is sleeping in the bed.

The 5 layer design also makes it without a doubt the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I spent years suffering from back problems when ever I woke up, and that has all but been eliminated while I’ve been sleeping on this mattress. The level of comfort is so amazing that I could never go back to a normal mattress since purchasing one of these.

The price is also a big win for Eva, as they generally have lower prices than say a Koala sleeping duck, which we have written about as you can see here, but at the same time it comes with way more features than the competition.

Sarah Marcus

Happy Customer

“I haven’t slept this great in years. The support and firmness of the Eva is just what I needed!”

Firmness and comfort

The firmness and comfort on the Eva is unparalleled to anything else. The use of pocket springs and memory foam forms a sort of dual bond so it is extremely comfortable for all body types. The mattress will actually adapt to your body and the pocket springs will provide a level of body support that other brands just do not.

I’ve had countless times sleeping on the Eva mattress and the way the bed just wraps itself around you is amazing to say the least. What I noticed was that when I slept on my sides, the bed almost molds around your hip bones and your shoulders to create the perfect sleeping position that you just wont move out of. Usually with spring mattress the springs themselves can dig into your hip bones and shoulder, but with the Eva, that’s a thing of the past.

Built with advanced multi layer technology, this mattress has a level of comfort that a lot of other don’t. The latex used in this build is unlike anything else I have ever slept on. There is a breathable top layer that disperses heat from building up, making it far cooler to sleep on during the summer months.

The way the mattress adapts to your body type and creates a perfect position for you to sleep uninterrupted is nothing short of amazing.

Like You’re Sleeping On A Cloud

Body support so incredible you will never go back to a normal mattress.

clsoe up of bed
side of bed
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Material & Build

Features, features, features. This is one of the most feature packed and structural sound mattress I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping on. There are actually 5 layers to this design that make it one for the most comfortable and perfect for almost every sleeping position.

The firmness level on the Eva is one of the best I have ever experienced, but due to the gel top layer, it allows you a soft and comfortable sleep without it feeling like you’re just laying on a hard surface. This is a fantastic option for anyone who is a side or back sleeper. Without further ado, lets get into the features that this mattress has to offer.

Gel Memory Foam Layer

The top layer is made from a durable and almost magical layer of gel foam. This foam layer contains millions of gel beads that not only wrap themselves around your body, providing a comfortable and solid sleep, they provide a cooling mechanism that disperses heat during summer and traps heat in during winter.

Natural Latex Layer

The natural latex layer is designed to bring a second layer of comfort that allows the mattress to flex and bend to suit your body and sleeping position.

Density Foam Layer

Density foam is something unique to Eva, as they have designed and built it with the every-person in mind. This means that no matter your size, shape or weight, it can adapt and provide ultimate firmness.

Pocket Spring Layer

Yes this mattress has springs, but not like a conventional mattress. These springs are designed to allow you to move around during the night without it disturbing anyone else that may be sleeping in the bed.

Edge Support Layer

The edge support on the Eva is lie something out of this world. Its a feature that you don’t usually see and it works! The bottom layer has a set of small springs along its outer edge that stop the mattress from sinking if your sleeping right on the edge, minimising any chance of you falling off the mattress itself.

Dust Mite Resistant

The latex layer has been crafted to be dust mite resistant. It combines a few materials that prevent dust mites from breeding or even living in the foam, ensuring the longevity of the mattress, and pushing away any annoying dust mites.

Monique Matthews | Happy Customer

“Cannot thank the team at Eva enough for building a mattress that suits my sleeping style, truly amazing”

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Price and value for money

Eva have done an incredible job at keeping their prices low, while still offering one of the best boxed mattress you can buy in terms of materials, build quality and level of comfort. Compared to a lot of their competitors, Eva offers one of the lowest prices on the market without sacrificing quality, which is one of their strong points.

In terms of value for money, they lead the pack and I believe will continue to do so for many more years to come. The Eva was one of the best mattress I have ever slept on and continued to get uninterpreted sleep for the 3 weeks that I slept on it, but you’re not here to read about how well I slept, you’re here to know how much they cost, so lets get right into it.

These prices are without a doubt some of the most affordable you can pick up, making it easier for you to get one, even if you’re just wanting to try out what a foam mattress is really all about.

Eva also offer after-pay and zip-pay, so you can make the leap into the fantastic world of boxed mattress without having to break the bank in one hit.

Overall this will be one of the best purchases you ever make. We spend on average 30% of our life sleeping, and doing that on a cheap mattress can cause big problems later down the track, so it’s always a wise idea to invest in one that will allow you to get uninterrupted sleep, while also ensuring you body, back, and neck have the right sleeping patterns to avoid any harm to them.

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Eva Prices

Single – $600

King Single – $700

Double – $800

Queen – $900

King – $1000

Get The Eva Mattress Here

With it’s 5 layers of support and breathable foam, this is one of those mattress that will change the way you sleep forever. Having an affordable price tag and strong build, this is the best value for money in the bedding world.

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My Experience With The Eva

Without a doubt the best beds I have ever slept in

eva mattress in a box

Wow! How did I sleep 10 hours straight without waking up once!

When it comes to boxed mattress, there are a lot of cheap alternatives out there, brands trying to make the cheapest possible product while trying to get away with calling it “quality” but with Eva, that’s not the case.

I spent close to 3 weeks sleeping on the Queen sized version of their mattress and all I can say is “why didn’t I buy of these earlier!

Uninterrupted Sleep For All

Throughout the night I noticed that the top layer of the bed was really chilled ( It was summer when I tested) creating a very cool and comfortable experience that I have never had before. I didn’t even have the A/C turned on and the bed was still providing a nice cool surface to sleep on.

The thick density foam layer was like nothing I have ever experienced before. It was so soft but firm at the same time. Every-time I moved or rolled over it was like the mattress just knew and almost wrapped itself around me, creating a more comfortable sleeping position every time. It was like what I imagine sleeping on a cloud would be like, except that cloud is made from foam.

There wasn’t one point where I ever felt uncomfortable or felt like I needed to move to the other side of the bed, It was just pure bliss every hour that I spent in it. It also has a fantastic edge design which is great for someone like me who usually sleeps right on the edge of the bed. At no point did the edge of the mattress ever sink down, it stayed at its normal height and level of firmness no matter how close to the edge I got.

This was undoubtedly one of the best mattress I have ever slept, rolled and jumped on.

Is It Really Worth Buying One?

ABSOLUTLEY! This is one of those mattress that you don’t want to pass up. It mixes a blend of advanced features with one of the lowest prices on the market. It’s a great way to get into the foam mattress market without spending too much one something you may have never experienced before.

I now have a Queen size in my bedroom and have had now for about a month, and I have not looked back since. The firm foam, breathable gel layer, edge support and low price make this one of the best purchases you will make. Can you really put a price of improving your sleep and health.

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