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If you’re here, chances are you’ve heard about the sleeping duck mattress and want to know everything about it before you jump in and buy one, well you’re in luck. In this unbiased article, we are going to break down this brand and give you the insight into what makes it great, the features, why you should buy one, and why it single handedly beats out the vast majority of its competitors.

I have tried and tested the sleeping duck mattress for a few months now and can honestly says it’s one of the best on the market in terms of the features it has, and the affordable price when compared to others like the koala or ecosa. Without further ado, lets get straight into it.

One of the best beds on the market.

Fantastic quality and a fantastic value, one of the best products you will find today.

Bamboo Cover
5 Unique Layers of Comfort
100 Night Trial Period
sleeping duck mattress

What makes the sleeping duck mattress so good?

You have no idea! This mattress is like something out of this world. Most of us have spent years sleeping on standard spring mattress, and wouldn’t even know what a foam mattress feels like, well now is the time to find out.

Unlike a lot of other mattress brands out there that only give you one option when it comes to firmness, the seeping duck provides you with 3 choices. Medium, firm and half medium half firm for if you have two people sleeping in the same bed that prefer different levels of firmness, which is one of the best selling points to this product and something that other brands like eva do not do.

Another interesting feature is the choice of materials used to build this mattress. With two layers of high density foam and a bottom layer of pocket springs, it makes it near impossible to fall of this mattress if you are an edge sleeper, something other brands just haven’t coined onto yet. While this is easily one of the best mattress I’ve ever slept on, below I’m going to go into more detail about the features and why you should consider picking one up.

Nichole Arbor

Happy Customer

“Incredible, just incredible. M back feels amazing and I havent had any interupted sleep since I purchased it.”

Firmness and comfort

When it comes to how comfortable this mattress is out of this world, but it all comes down to the particular level you choose. When I purchased mine I chose the medium firmness model as I’m usually a side sleeper, and thought this would be the best option, and how right of a choice it was.

The top layer of high density foam provides a level of support that is unmatched to anything else out there. It allows fantastic support for your body while letting it slightly sink into the foam, which results in less tossing and turning throughout the night.

This is one of those rare mattress that when you first jump onto it, you just don’t want to get up. The bed manages to provide the softness and firmness of something you would expect to cost multiple thousands of dollars, but in a far more affordable package.

If you’re anything like me, you may suffer from back pains and joint pains, and it can be near impossible to not prolong those pains by having a bunch of springs in a standard mattress continuously poke you throughout the night. The sleeping duck all but eliminates that and ensure enough support of softness to keep all of your bones and muscles from enduring even the slightest amount of pain.

The design is like nothing I have ever experienced, both in just how amazingly comfortable it is, but how it just seems to mould itself around you, supporting both your back and your side, making it one of the most pleasant and undisturbed sleeps you will ever have.

Incredible dosen’t even begin to describe it

My back feels amazing and I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night once.

sleeping duck mattress
close up sleeping duck mattress

Material & Build

When it comes to the design and structure of the sleeping duck mattress, nothing even comes close to the quality and craftsmanship of this incredible bed. Not only are there 4 layers to the build, but it incorporates a top layer of bamboo that allow the mattress to breathe easier, keeping it cooler during the warmer months, and helping fight against moisture and mould build up.

Lets get into the nitty and gritty of what makes this mattress one of the best on the market and whats inside the thing!

Top Layer Bamboo Cover

As motioned before, this comes with a really durable and rather soft bamboo top cover. This allows maximum airflow to transfer through the mattress and disperse heat, keeping it much cooler during the warmer months. This actually works so well that during summer, I haven’t even need my air-con on the the layer provides a much cooler surface to lay on that any conventional mattress. It also has anti-microbial properties due to the natural bamboo which will prolong the lifespan of the mattress, making your dollar stretch even further.

Second Layer Adaptive Foam

Hyper adaptive foam, now why that may sound like something from a space station, its really just a unique style of memory foam that has been designed by sleeping duck. It allows the pressure and firmness the keep your body stable, while at the same time giving you the cushioning and softness of regular latex. It also means that its around 8 times more breathable than regular memory foam, allowing heat to pass through, providing an even more comfortable sleep during the heat.

Third Layer High Density Foam

Under the Adaptive foam layer is a second polyurethane foam layer. This foam acts as a second firmness layer the relives the pressure from the second layer. This provides an even firmer, but at the same time softer experience. A lot of other brands will only have the one layer of foam which can cause a level of softness that is too much for most people. These two layers combines make the mattress an almost perfect design.

Fourth Layer Pocket Springs

Wait! I thought mattress in boxes didnt come with springs! Well most dont, but the sleeping duck greatly benefits from them. Each spring at the bottom of this bed acts interdependently, which means if your partner happens to toss and turn during the night, your side of the mattress will stay completely still, which is one of the biggest upsides to its design.

There is also an added benefit that I didn’t even notice until I purchased my own, the edge support. I’m generally an edge sleeper, curling right up to the edge of the bed, and sometimes falling off. The independent spring design means that even if your fall asleep right on the very edge of the mattress, it will still provide 100% support and not sag down at all, ensuring you can sleep tight without the fear of falling off during the nigh

3 Sets of Firmness

Like I stated earlier, there are 3 levels of firmness with the design of this mattress, medium, firm and a half medium half firm crossover for people that share a bed with their partner. This is by far one of the best features to come with this mattress as it will allow you to fully customise it to your liking and get the level of firmness or softness that you are used to.

Monique Matthews | Happy Customer

“Cannot thank the team at Eva enough for building a mattress that suits my sleeping style, truly amazing”

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Price and value for money

This is a fantastic option for anyone wanting a top of the line bed without spending a fortune, as sleeping duck offer one of the most affordable and best priced options in Australia right now.

Compared to it’s competitors, Sleeping Duck offer one of the most affordable products out there with the amount of features that come attached, but don’t think that their skipping on quality. With the amount of features packed into their mattress, and the amazing comfort you get from it, it makes it one of the best bargains you can pick up today.

With 5 incredible layers of support, a bamboo topper and sizes to match everyone, you really can’t go wrong with their mattress. Lets delve right into their prices and show you why their one of the most popular brands in Australia

sleeping duck mattress closeup

Sleeping Duck Mattress Prices

Single – $799

King Single – $899

Double – $1,149

Queen – $1,449

King – $1,599

Get The Sleeping Duck Mattress Here

With 5 layers of support, cool breathe technology, and a bamboo top layer, this is one of the most advanced and feature packed mattress on the market today.

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My Experience With The Sleeping Duck

Jam packed with features and a design that will last decades.

sleeping duck bed

What can I say about this brand except I love you.

If you’ve never experienced true comfort before, then this is the bed for you. There wasn’t one point during my trial of this mattress that I ever woke up during the middle of the night, which usually happens all the time.

This amazing bed just seems to know exactly how you want to sleep, what position you want to be in, and adjusts itself to the way you sleep. Its almost like it has a brain of its own and just knows exactly how you want to sleep right.

The quality is just outstanding!

The design, the build quality, the softness and the firmness of the sleeping duck is like nothing else I’ve experienced before. As soon as you lay your body down you feel this sense of comfort that is unlike anything else. The build is soft, but not too soft that you just sink straight into it. The company has spent years researching the exact levels of firmness that people love, and they have nailed it in this bed.

The top bamboo layer creates a very easily breathable layer that allows air to flow through evenly, which makes the bed feel cooler during warmer weather. The 5 zone pocket springs on the every bottom make it so when your sleeping right on the edge of the bed, as a lot of us do, the mattress dosen’t flatten down, meaning you won’t roll of the bed if you get to far to the edge.

One of the best features of this is the central thick density foam, which means its firm enough that you wont roll around during the night, but soft enough that its very easy to find the perfect spot to sleep on. I cannot get over just how well it’s built and the design and features that come with it. There wasn’t one point where I woke up during the night, and the breathable materials made the bed feel much cooler than a normal mattress.

When you’re talking about a quality bed in a box, sleeping duck is the undisputed king of the arena.

Is The Sleeping Duck Worth It?

With out a doubt yes! Although their prices can be a bit higher than some of the others, their brand, design, materials and build quality are second to none. On top of that due to the higher quality materials, you could easily get up to 15-20 years use out of their mattress, meaning you are getting excellent value for money.

If you’re looking for a new mattress that lets you custom pick certain levels of firmness, has one of the best build qualities on the market and will get you the sleep you’ve been looking for, then the sleeping duck mattress is the right choice for you.

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